GINKGO Workshop "Opportunities from New Data for Vegetation Modeling"

28-29 October 2020, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig

The increasing availability of observation data enables more and more their comparison with vegetation models (e.g. DGVMs, local vegetation models). This workshop will discuss approaches and experiences of confronting (new) observation data (e.g. remote sensing data or physiological data) with vegetation models and its lessons learned like dealing with uncertainties or advancing modelling concepts of specific ecosystem processes (e.g. phenology). Particular focus is on data provided by remote sensing and global data bases, and its combination with modelled estimates of vegetation states, productivity and phenology. Essential questions are:

  • How can we use (new) observation data to link them with vegetation models? What can be the benefit of remote sensing? What can be the role of physiological data?
  • How can new data support the development of modelling approaches?

Contributions (oral or poster) beyond the general topic and questions are also very welcome (organized in a free thematic session).


The workshop will start at lunch time on Wednesday, 28.10.2020 and end at lunch time on Thursday, 29.10.2020.


Depending on the further development of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will consider a virtual meeting.


To attend the meeting, please register until 30th of September by writing an email to franziska.taubert@we dont want
If you would like to present your work or ideas please indicate whether you prefer an oral or poster presentation and include a title of your presentation.

Contact: Dr. Franziska Taubert Opens window for sending email 


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