GINKGO is a network for climate and global ecosystem modelling

GINKGO is an initiative that aims at bundling activities in research on climate and land biosphere. It is born from the observation that although vegetation and soil is increasingly recognized as an important part of the climate system, there is no appropriate platform for the associated research community.

More precisely, GINKGO is meant to stimulate, support and coordinate the development of a Next Generation Land Component within Earth System Models. It is well known that current land components largely ignore important processes, like the active role of soils for carbon cycling, shaping of hydrological conditions and processing nutrients. To what extent biodiversity has to be taken into account when addressing the stability and adaptability of vegetation under climate change conditions, needs to be further investigated. Also needed are improved methodologies for evaluating vegetation models, e.g. statistical procedures to compare geographical distributions of vegetation derived from simulations of past climate with sparsely collected pollen data, or experimental protocols for model intercomparisons.




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