7th GINKGO meeting at the Center of Wood Science at University of Hamburg, 29/30 Sept. 2011

This year's meeting focuses on the importance of regional land management for global climate change and vice versa. We would like to discuss questions like: Do we need to include land management into global climate models? Can the mitigating potential of land management be estimated without considering climate feedbacks between landsurface and atmosphere? This focus includes all aspects of modelling forest and land management, as well as the relevant aspects of Earth system models like vegetation, carbon cycle, nutrient dynamics, and land use. This focus does, however, not exclude other topics; all contributions related to climate and land biosphere are welcome.

The meeting will be located at the Institute for World Forestry in the Center of Wood Science at University Hamburg in Hamburg-Bergedorf, Leuschnerstr. 91. It will start on Thursday, 29 September at ca 13:00h and it will end on Friday, 30 September at ca 14:00.

Please contact Bernhard Kenter to register for the meeting. If you want to give a presentation or want to show a poster please indicate the title. Please do also indicate if you want to join the dinner on Thursday evening. We hope to see you in Hamburg!

Bernhard Kenter, Konstantin Olschofsky, Michael Köhl, and Christian Reick

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