A variety of ecosystem and climate models are used within the GINKGO network. The following list gives links and explanations for the most common acronyms:

BETHYBiosphere-Energy-Transfer-Hydrology Model
BIOME-BGCBiome Model - BioGeochemical Cycles
CLIMBERClimate and Biosphere Model
COSMOSCommunity Earth System Models
ECHAM5ECMWF Hamburg Atmospheric General Circulation Model
HAMOCCHamburg Ocean Carbon Cycle Model
HDHydrological Discharge Model

Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment

JSBACHJena Scheme for Biosphere-Atmosphere-Coupling in Hamburg
LandSHIFTLandSimulation to Harmonize and Integrate Freshwater Availability and the Terrestrial Environment
LPJLPJ (Lund-Potsdam-Jena) Dynamic Global Vegetation Model
MAgPIEManagement Module of Agricultural Production and its Impact on the Environment
MESSyModular Earth Submodel System
MPI-OMMax Planck Institute Ocean Model
SIMBASimulator for Biospheric Aspects
VECODETerrestrial Vegetation Module (Vegetation Continuous Description)

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