GINKGO Workshop on Plant Traits in DGVMs

7.-8 October 2019 Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F), Frankfurt am Main

The main topic of this meeting will be functional traits variability in Dynamic Global Vegetation Models (DGVMs). Traits have been identified as important feature in DGVMs. With accumulated observation evidence such as the TRY database the limitations of the plant functional trait effects became clear. This workshop will discuss approaches of implementing trait variability in DGVMs for applications in paleo, such as glacial cycles, historical and future projections. Particular focus is on traits related to plant structure, allocation and resilience to disturbances and land use.

Essential questions are:

  • Which minimum set of traits are needed to successfully model the plant functional diversity?
  • What are the drivers of trait variability?
  • How does the variability in climate affect the traits on the longer time scale or in space?
  • How does consideration of plant adaptation to disturbances and land use influence vegetation responses to climate change?
  • How can we model adaptation of plants?

The workshop will start at lunch time on Monday, 7 Oct, and end at lunch time on Tuesday, 8 Oct.

In addition, we plan to organize a one day short course on DGVMTools after the workshop (8.10. and 9.10.18). DGVMTools is an R package for processing, analyzing and plotting output from DGVMs. The package was primarily developed by Matt Forrest (BiK-F), and he will also lead the short course. DGVMTools were originally developed for LPJ-GUESS but the package is flexible and allows to integrate other DGVMs as well.

For registration contact until September 16 Dr. Gitta Lasslop, Opens window for sending email   or  Dr. Simon Scheiter, Opens window for sending email



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